When Two Souls Touch

All is connected.

When I meet someone, for whatever reason, the meeting happens through connection.

In the connection, souls touch.

The presence of my soul affects the other soul.

The other soul touches mine.

No matter the type of interaction.

No matter the length of the interaction.

Connection is activated and experienced.

In the connection, shift happens to both.

A co-created, interactive biofeedback loop where both lives are different, if only slightly.

Life from this point on will be different than what it would have been without the interaction.

This means no matter how it happens or what passes in the connection:

When two souls touch,

Each is forever changed.

Maybe to live the same life

Though life will never be the same again.

Marlayna Fire

Sacred Sexuality is Sacred Hot – that ability to entwine the sensual and the spiritual within relationship.

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