There is This Raw Place

There is this raw place within,
In need of cauterizing to staunch the flow.
A flow of pain, of words which fall flat
in the emptiness created by the
betrayal of trust’s fidelity.

A betrayal which eagerly pushes at a claim of responsibility misplaced:
What within brought this on?
Simply the luck of the draw?

There is this raw place within
In need of the tender care of wholeness and love.
A care which seems to have dried up long before noticed
Long before bearing to declare that love was gone and
concern was just a facade for
cowardice and the lies of hesitation.

A swift kick there, a slicing word here
Do not even begin to sink the events of a
willingness to love unconditionally the unreturned.
Especially since hope’s beginning is tarnished now
By the reality of misstated truths and deliberate misrepresentations.

There is this raw place within
In need of genuine attention for the details of truth.
A place for self’s anguished love for self.
Where hope might bloom within the light of recognition.
If missed then, will it not be missed now?

On breath held tentatively,
Learn to believe in the worth of self-trust
And a love which still willingly engages deeply and fully,
forever open to the rich possibilities of gorgeous arrows
drilling to the bedrock of love.

Oh, my horned god, where sets your foot?
Where art thou now?
What learning of love’s labors lost brings you to my door?

The red dress of my heart’s desire dances with hearts joined
in the quiet of real truth and
new eyes for the motion of trust’s new path.

No longer willing to settle
No longer willing to diminish
No longer willing to accept less than the
fully engaged power of a loyal, constant and adoring heart.

My answer, there in this raw place within,
The seeds of a new journey blooming phoenix-like
in the burning of love’s death.

Accompanied by a desire for intimate suggestion,
Whispering river’s flow and starry night pebbles
skipping across the galaxy in view of separation
connected to heart, bow and strings.

Left alone, Love lingers.

Calmly claimed, Love guides
There in this raw place within.

This is one of my original poems written for the passionate and the adventurous.

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