My Red-Painted Fingernail by Marlayna Fire

My Red-Painted Fingernail

Standing in the hallway, my fingernail draws a line down his chest and I feel him shiver. “You’re teasing,” he says. “I am,” I reply, loving every moment. “Almost cruel,” he says, “stringing me along.” “I know,” I respond. “But know you will get the pay off.” “What do you mean?” he asks. “I mean … Read more

May I Join You by Marlayna Fire

May I Join You

“May I join you?” I ask. “You’re reading one of my favorites.” She carefully places her bookmark and lays the book on the table next to the other books. She takes me in again and I become even more aware of her amazing deep brown eyes. Almost like she is reading my mind, I watch … Read more

Life is Movement

Life is Movement

The great Goddess of life was also the harbinger of death.Life is movement, change, and for change to be possible there must be loss and gain.This motif is beautifully capture in the myth of God Shiva’s cosmic dance.However, long before this male deity reached supremacy in the Hindu pantheon, the life-and-death cycle was intimately associated … Read more

Tinder Trucker Dude by Marlayna Fire

Tinder Trucker Dude

A Texas trucker from Tinder pushes all those Okie-buttons I’ve tried to suppress. But pandemic, quarantine, and continued isolation make me rethink dating. I already work at home, connecting with the world through a Zoom screen – already a pro at social distancing. The thought of personal connection powerful even if it means my vowels … Read more