The Enjoyment

The Enjoyment

Ye Gods! The raptures of that night!What fierce convulsions of delight!How in each other’s arms involv’dWe lay confounded, and dissolved!Bodies mingling, sexes blending,Which should most be lost contending,Darting fierce and flaming kisses,Plunging into boundless blisses;Our bodies, and our souls on fire.Tost by a tempest of Desire;Till with utmost fury driven,Down, as once, we sunk to … Read more

Wild Nights

Wild Nights

Wild nights – Wild nights!Were I with theeWild nights should beOur luxury! Futile – the winds –To a Heart in port –Done with the Compass –Done with the Chart! Rowing in Eden –Ah – the Sea!Might I but moor – tonight –In thee!Emily Dickinson

The Kiss

The Kiss

Before you kissed me only winds of heaven Had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain— Now you have come, how can I care for kisses Like theirs again? I sought the sea, she sent her winds to meet me, They surged about me singing of the south— I turned my head away to keep … Read more

I am Your Book by Marlayna

I am Your Book

I am your book. Open me as you will Highlight my limbs, Turn back my corners, Hold me close, and Never lend me out. Index your favorite spots, Mark my content for your table. However you want Splay my legs, Nip at my notes, and Foot the experience of Our combining shared words. Neither a … Read more

I Leak Emotion by Marlayna Fire

I Leak Emotion

I leak emotion when my heart is filled by soul touch.The moisture releases salt trails down my cheeks.Lifting your finger to catch meTouches my heart with deeply needed, joyous connection. I leak emotion when joy goes full tilt.In a moment of connected laughterHearts open to the cistern of life. Your finger touching the tenderness of … Read more

Blessing of Deliciousness by Marlayna Fire

Blessing of Deliciousness

Deliciousness touches my lipsAs your mouth melts with mineYou hold me with desireCreated from hearts touchingBodies molded from a destiny sharedWildness touches my soul asYou bare your heartBodies in rapture sharedBringing dreams to life andFiring new vision of life lived togetherWhere are you now?I do not knowYet I feel your approachI feel your hands and … Read more

Your Hand by Marlayna Fire

Your Hand

Tonight, I read two of my stories to my friends. As I read, I did what I always do: I imagined myself as the main character. But tonight, as I read, I thought of you. It was your hand pulling on me. Your hand snaking across my body. Your hand making my boobs all perky … Read more

His Arms by Marlayna Fire

His Arms

His arms, his wonderful, strong, tender arms Wrap around me as he lightly breathes along the back of my neck. He settles into the back of my body, molding, body to body, hearts beating. I lean back, relaxing into his warmth, his hard chest and strong legs. He murmurs in my ear, “Sweet Love.” He … Read more

There is This Raw Place by Marlayna Fire

There is This Raw Place

There is this raw place within,In need of cauterizing to staunch the flow.A flow of pain, of words which fall flatin the emptiness created by thebetrayal of trust’s fidelity. A betrayal which eagerly pushes at a claim of responsibility misplaced:What within brought this on?Simply the luck of the draw? There is this raw place withinIn … Read more

Sugar Kisses by Marlayna Fire

Sugar Kisses

I want my sugar in sweet kissesand lollipop tongues across my skin. I want my frosting in layers between you and me,With cake as the bed for our passion. I want more sweet whispered in my earsand heavenly manna sprinkled in my mouth. Let the pie in my face be from your fingerswhich I will … Read more