Somewhere out in the world you are there
I feel your movement
I feel your smile
Directed toward the people in your life
Your friends, your family, your clients.

One day your there will be my here
I feel your pull
I feel your desire
Directed towards the me you do not yet know
But desire with relish and dark anticipation.

Today I feel your there here with me.
I feel my desire
I feel my anticipation
For someone yet unknown and familiar
To hold me dear and adored and loved.

Here and there when our somewheres meet
It will not be a vain hope of yesterday
But instead a promise of the future
Where we each bring the vulnerable and the intimate
Which only two hearts of this here, there can share.

We will both have other somewheres
Which have etched the experience and pain of life on hearts and bodies
Often with indiscriminate regard for our life’s dreams
Like a shot in the dark with wild aim
We will attempt again but with new eyes filled
With wisdom gained in all of those other somewheres
Now of our distant past.

This is one of my original poems written for the passionate and the adventurous.

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