Safe Harbor: the Basis for Sacred Relationship

The place where I can be myself without demands to be anything other than who I am.

Safe Harbor has my back and protects me when needed from the world and sometimes even from myself.

Safe Harbor provides safe space, private space to let go, to release, to come completely undone.

Safe Harbor is comfort and warmth but is not casual in emotion or passion.

Safe Harbor is reciprocated, you to me and me to you.

Safe Harbor allows and supports vulnerability and deepest intimacy.

Safe Harbor exists within integrity and clear intention of body, mind, heart and soul.

Safe Harbor is the beginning of sacred relationship where equal partners transform their lives, weaving dream and adventure into the fabric of their lives.

Safe Harbor comes from an open, willing heart, lovingly offered.

Safe Harbor embraces, allowing pain and hurt to lift not as fix but as attention to her heart, her feelings, her desires.

Safe Harbor is the place where I allow you to see me unmasked, vulnerable, unprotected.

In Safe Harbor, I do not have to be strong, wise, all-knowing or even very smart.

In Safe Harbor, I will be open, vulnerable, and respectful so that you are free to offer the same.

In Safe Harbor, I want to be held and loved, and I want to hold and love.

In Safe Harbor, I am the Goddess and you are the Consort, the Hunter, the Horned God.

In Safe Harbor, the Wild Hunt can begin.

Sacred Sexuality is Sacred Hot – that ability to entwine the sensual and the spiritual within relationship.

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