Sacred Hot Quickies

Sacred Hot Quickies is my series of bedtime stories for the passionate and the adventurous.

I have one collection already published: Fiery Hearts — with more in the works and releasing soon.

Maybe you know the craziness of divorce? Especially after 50!

Maybe you have found, like I did, that sensuality is most exciting when expressed through the depth of your relationship?

and that for whatever reason, that excitement never happened until you left behind the marriage made in your 20s for the opportunity of relationship that can develop between willingly vulnerable and thoughtful adults.

Adults who don’t hold back emotion.

Adults who don’t expect their partner to read their minds.

Adults looking for deep expression, willing to communicate desire and engage body, mind, heart, and soul.

When I left the boundaries of a limiting relationship, I learned about authenticity and honesty.

I also started writing about everything I learned and felt and experienced.

That’s when Sacred Hot began — a short story here, a great poem there.

My friends encouraged me to write more. I did.

My friends loved how I was helping them to explore themselves and be more thoughtful about relationship not only with their partners but also with themselves.

Sacred Hot Quickies is what emerged from the release of divorce and willingness on my part to explore how my spirituality and sexuality are wonderfully entwined.

I hope you find support to explore your life as Sacred Hot!

In Joy!

What Readers are saying!

This book is on fire! WOW! Beautifully, almost lyrically written. Sizzling and thought provoking and all the best a steamy story has to offer.

The hot, authentic stuff I dreamed about and hoped for when I read Fifty Shades!

Wonderful fun, authentic heat, heart-driven!

Fiery Hearts by Marlayna Fire