Leaning into a Man

There is something really special about leaning into a man.

I like to step into his field and feel the depth and breadth of who he is both physically and spiritually.

Not looking at him but simply stepping with my back to his front tells me so much.

About the atmosphere he holds around himself and how he accepts my motion toward him.

An experience I adore and crave and seek.

Does he hesitate?

Is there uncertainty?

Or is there willingness?

Shown with a motion, however slight, toward me.

Will his field open and gather me in?

He does and my shoulders feel his body.

He puts his hands on my arms to steady me, to connect.

Fingers slightly massaging, taking my measure.

Heated breath plays over my neck.

His fingers slide around and ever so gently I find myself nestled in the circle of his arms.

We are in complete contact.

I sigh, content.

I feel his sigh as well.

I feel held precious.

I sink into the enveloping warmth, feeling the strength and firmness of his stance in life and with me.

There is no better feeling.

Nothing said, everything expressed.

Leaning into a man.

Sacred Sexuality is Sacred Hot – that ability to entwine the sensual and the spiritual within relationship.

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