I Began the Process of Divorce

At 52 years old, I began the process of divorce.

Unexpected — yet as my wheel of fortune turned, the best event of my life.

Two years later, after divorce heartache and defiance, loss, insult, and the recovery of the real me, I began dating.

Online dating came with great experience, good guys, and one very unexpected realization:

Who I am spiritually is not separate from who I am sexually.

If, in my 50s, I was just coming to this conclusion, obviously twenty-five years of marriage had been severely lacking.

Emotion. Growth. Intimacy. Honesty. None of these were truly part of that married time.

In the first six months of post-divorce dating, I learned a ton about myself, about how much I craved touch on all levels, and how much sexual intimacy was an innate personal need of mine.

With every experience, every touch, every ecstatic release, I learned the opening notes of my sacred sexuality and the powerful musical possibilities of sacred relationship.

This is an excerpt from Sacred Hot Beginnings!