I am Your Book

I am your book.
Open me as you will
Highlight my limbs,
Turn back my corners,
Hold me close, and
Never lend me out.

Index your favorite spots,
Mark my content for your table.
However you want
Splay my legs,
Nip at my notes, and
Foot the experience of
Our combining shared words.

Neither a single story
Nor a series with many partners.
As your book,
We share story
Only we can read.

A book of stars and shared nights
A book of warmth and hugs
Kisses exchanged as prologue
Beds explored as arc
To bodies joined in pleasure of the joint read.

I am your book
Open me as you will.
Epilogue be damned
Our chapter is life now
Read me, please.

This is one of my original poems written for the passionate and the adventurous.

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