Hold Me

Hold me gently in your arms
Watch over me like the stars in the night sky
Warm me with your breath
Licking the tears from my face.

Kiss the pain goodbye.
Allow my demands to emerge in breath.
Fold me up and hold me
Until our joy is fully merged.

Hold me with your open heart.
Sing your story for my hands.
Show me where lovers roam
In the streams of time and land.

Where are you now, my love?
I can feel you at my back and neck.
Waiting for that moment to emerge
Where we calmly see each other hand in hand.

Joy is the journey.
Love is our song.
No destination matters
As long as our journey is together.

Hand in hand and nose to nose
Where we follow the cosmic stars.
Hear the song and joining the dance
We are one, we are many, we are!

No one knows our path but us
Which we two don’t always see
Because in this moment of clearness
Nothing is but you and me.

Hear the stars of the night sky
Beckon us on our way.
Stand beside me, holding my hand
Our Wild Hunt leads and guides – we cannot go astray!