Goddess Emerging

When I allow myself the opportunity to connect with my Him, with the best of me engaged across the entire energetic continuum of self, I allow the inherent divine spark that is me to emerge and express and connect.

As the feminine expression of the divine in this way and in this moment, I am, I live, I offer me as Goddess.

In seeking to live from the best of myself, open and integrated across all levels, I experience in sacred relationship Goddess Emerging.

I am the feminine aspect of the divine made manifest.

I emerge as the Goddess for me, for him, for us.

On the altar of sacred relationship, the Goddess calls forth her hunter, her consort, her Horned God.

For all of these are aspects of the divine masculine.

My Him is both individual, unique, divine expression and loving reflection of his divine feminine as embodied by me, his Goddess.

This is an excerpt from Sacred Hot Beginnings