A Short Story of Soul Passion
Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Four

God, Goddess and the Trees by Marlayna Fire

Available Formats:

eBook: 978-1-945868-28-3

Print: 978-1-945868-66-5

Audio: 978-1-945868-65-8

Have you ever felt that primal connection open you to greater possibilities, taught you more about yourself, and helped you see the world in whole new ways?

This higher plane of expression is what I want for us.

She is my Sophia, my Goddess.

She shows me that I can step up and be more.

I want to share my desire with her in the deep forest of circled trees.

Together we can explore each other and invite the dance divine.

Together we find the inner beauty of two souls connected here … now …

Will she accept me?

God, Goddess, and the Trees is an explicitly steamy, Sacred Hot short story.

Every Sacred Hot story explores the emotional journey, the relationship unfolding, and of course, the hot stuff between two people.

Dive into the power of soul-led encounters and how we’re shaped, molded, and forever changed by their unlimited heat.

Merging the celestial with the intimate, soul passion is always Sacred Hot.

And sometimes… short and sweet is the perfect amount of heat!

The hot, authentic stuff I dreamed about and hoped for when I read Fifty Shades!” says one reader.

Wonderful fun, authentic heat, heart-driven!” says another.

God, Goddess, and the Trees is available at Amazon.

This short story book is one volume in my series Sacred Hot Quickies.