My Red-Painted Fingernail by Marlayna Fire

My Red-Painted Fingernail

Standing in the hallway, my fingernail draws a line down his chest and I feel him shiver. “You’re teasing,” he says. “I am,” I reply, loving every moment. “Almost cruel,” he says, “stringing me along.” “I know,” I respond. “But know you will get the pay off.” “What do you mean?” he asks. “I mean … Read more

Goddess Emerging by Marlayna Fire

Goddess Emerging

When I allow myself the opportunity to connect with my Him, with the best of me engaged across the entire energetic continuum of self, I allow the inherent divine spark that is me to emerge and express and connect. As the feminine expression of the divine in this way and in this moment, I am, … Read more

A Soft Kiss by Marlayna Fire

A Soft Kiss

I feel a cool pulse of breath on my neck as the breeze lifts my hair. My body shivers and I feel a gentle hand squeezing my shoulder. A soft kiss on my neck sends a warm sizzle down my body. I look around and find no one close. I turn back towards my future … Read more

His Hand by Marlayna Fire

His Hand

His hand is light and firm. Clearly there, but never in a pestering manner. He usually touches just for a moment. A graze. A reassurance. Sometimes to communicate the direction, sometimes to indicate he is listening and understands and doesn’t want to interrupt. At other times, his hand encourages me to continue or to take … Read more

May I Join You by Marlayna Fire

May I Join You

“May I join you?” I ask. “You’re reading one of my favorites.” She carefully places her bookmark and lays the book on the table next to the other books. She takes me in again and I become even more aware of her amazing deep brown eyes. Almost like she is reading my mind, I watch … Read more

Tenderness Caresses Me

Tenderness Caresses Me

Everything within me breaks forward and up and through and down and away and returns to cycle again through the electric power of his finger on my clit. Tap. Tap. Tap. In the breath of the damn crash comes a tidal wave which shakes me to the depths of my soul, toes to head, fingertip … Read more

Dangerous for Me

Dangerous for Me

In my life, I have stepped down many roads which were either dangerous or forbidden. But the woman standing before me is both. Yes, she is beautiful and beautiful in a way which makes me instantly hard. But it is the sum of her which is dangerous for me. I remember when we first met … Read more

In that One Breath

In that One Breath

“Bend over.” His voice is rough on the edges and I hear his deep breath as his hand reaches out and tries to gently push me over the kitchen counter. In that one breath, I also hear his hope that I will push back. Friday night, 6pm. He is just home from work and a … Read more

Not a Fawner by Marlayna Fire

Not a Fawner

I am not a fawner. You know – someone who swoons over a man to curry favor and stroke an ego. I have known this about myself for a long time. In the summer after third grade, at the local swimming pool I gathered with my girlfriends. After a bit we were joined by a … Read more

My Blush Rises Up by Marlayna Fire

My Blush Rises Up

I can take more. However, he is taking his time, hoping, that every thrust will make me lose myself and utter the noise which will attract attention. He likes to be discovered. He likes to watch my blush rise up my face and down my butt. Initially, I was embarrassed to feel exposed, to allow … Read more