Books by Marlayna Fire

Here’s a list of both the fiction and non-fiction books that I have written.

Books are available in print and as ebooks at Amazon and Kindle Unliimited.

Non-Fiction Memoir

Sacred Hot Beginnings by Cheryl Marlene

Sacred Hot Beginnings

How a Fifty-Something Divorced Woman Left a Lonely Marriage and to Find Sacred Relationship

Wonder how I got here? To Sacred Hot? To writing steamy women’s contemporary fiction? From a marriage of loneliness and disappointment to authentic soul connection? Sacred Hot Beginnings reveals my journey in a powerful collection of prose and poetry. In these pages you learn how you too can go from kissing frogs to Sacred Hot!

Sacred Hot Quickies

Short Story Books of Soul Passion

I love using the space of a short story to explore the possibilities of relationship when partners want to explore the authentic depths of soul connection — to have the relationship rest on the bed of sacred sexuality. These stories are all independent following different couples. I list the books in the order of publication — feel free to read them in any order.

Birthday Workout by Marlayna Fire

Birthday Workout

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume One

The Slide of Natural Heat by Marlayna Fire

The Slide of Naural Heat

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Two

My Sugar Now by Marlayna Fire

My Sugar Now

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Three

God, Goddess and the Trees by Marlayna Fire

God, Goddess, and the Trees

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Four

The Hand of My Hunter by Marlayna Fire

The Hand of My Hunter

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Five

Aerial Angel by Marlayna Fire

Aerial Angel

Sacred Hot Quickies Volume Six

A Dozen Tugs by Marlayna Fire

A Dozen Tugs

A collection of twelve short stories of soul passion
Sacred Hot Quickies Collection Volume One

Bit Hard+ by Marlayna Fire

Bit Hard+

Sacred Hot Quickies Sampler

Get a taste of the new short story series Sacred Hot Quickies!

All of the books by Marlayna Fire can also be found on her Amazon Author Page.