Great Sex Sacred Hot by Marlayna Fire

Great Sex, Sacred Hot

Great sex is great. And I am absolutely certain that my life deserves lots of great sex for years to come. I also know, without a doubt, I always go all in, heart set to open and vulnerable. All in is where great sex becomes heart passion, sacred hot. To be openly in this place … Read more

Lights His Load by Marlayna Fire

Lights His Load

She lights his load And steals his heart. Before he realizes, the box is opened and He has given her the key to his soul. Startled moments light the way Giving passage to wonder, deepening joy and emotion. Trembling fingers embrace the flow And lead him down unknown roads. Her words are magic to his … Read more

Safe Harbor: the Basis for Sacred Relationship by Marlayna Fire

Safe Harbor: the Basis for Sacred Relationship

The place where I can be myself without demands to be anything other than who I am. Safe Harbor has my back and protects me when needed from the world and sometimes even from myself. Safe Harbor provides safe space, private space to let go, to release, to come completely undone. Safe Harbor is comfort … Read more

Failure and the Sexy Red Dress

Failure and the Sexy Red Dress

As you may know, I have been going through divorce over the last year. A disconcerting process which bounces between deeply painful, wonderfully illuminating, and nearly unintelligible.  Bounce is the operative word, like a ball thrown back and forth where sometimes you are the one bouncing the ball and sometimes you are the ball. I … Read more

Hold Tender by Marlayna Fire

Hold Tender

This is for me to hold tender To myself, just for us. What passes between us is for us only. Holding sacred, holding fast. Let the unfolding begin, Opening in its own rhythm, Within its own chords. Accountable to our intentions, our desires. Filling our fountains, quenching our thirsts. Let the tears be of joy … Read more

Creeping White Lies by Marlayna Fire

Creeping White Lies

Have you ever had a profound moment of clarity squeeze through in just one heart beat? The kind of instant awareness in which something gnawing at you breaks free and springs into your consciousness without warning?  You catch your breath realizing, “Oh! My goodness! Of course!”  Clarity emerges.  In that one heartbeat, you feel yourself … Read more

When Two Souls Touch by Marlayna Fire

When Two Souls Touch

All is connected. When I meet someone, for whatever reason, the meeting happens through connection. In the connection, souls touch. The presence of my soul affects the other soul. The other soul touches mine. No matter the type of interaction. No matter the length of the interaction. Connection is activated and experienced. In the connection, … Read more

Love and Spiritual Affinity

Love and Spiritual Affinity

It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and perservering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created in years or even generations. Khalil Gibran