Blessing of Deliciousness

Deliciousness touches my lips
As your mouth melts with mine
You hold me with desire
Created from hearts touching
Bodies molded from a destiny shared
Wildness touches my soul as
You bare your heart
Bodies in rapture shared
Bringing dreams to life and
Firing new vision of life lived together
Where are you now?
I do not know
Yet I feel your approach
I feel your hands and your touch
I know you are mine
And I am yours
We is yet unknown
Though We will bloom
With the shared experience of
Hearts exchanged
I feel your arms
I feel your touch
I feel your heart
And in a way yet unknown
I am complete
The radio plays the tune
Words trill across a canvas blank
We pulses to the creative beat
I feel you in the annex of my mind and heart
Many venture towards
With their likes and winks
And it is fun to exchange light banter
And flirtatious fun
And I wonder
Where are you in this exchange?
Is it you?
Ultimately I cannot know
Until that moment
When you appear
When you enter the dance
Sudden rapture or
Blooming engagement across moments
I do not know the how of your approach
All I know
In this moment
Is your feel
Until we look eye to eye.
I want to yield
I want to know your face
I will someday
But not today, this day
This day is one of recognizing
Possibility of match to be fulfilled
Today is an issue of challenge
Show up with your peacock feathers displayed
The finery of your heart and soul clothed in
The riches of your spirit’s value
Fine cloth and rich oil adorning the beauty of you
Displayed for me
As enticement, offering and release
Bridges extended and embattlements breached
So that we can dance freely, intimately
Letting vulnerability lead to the possibility of deepest exchange
I will love best he who offers without regard
To exposure of the tender underbelly
I will love best he who opens the window
Of desire, of love, of dreams
Freely offered, freely opened, freely consumed
He is accepting my offering of tender, luscious neck
He responds with his freely offered strength
Together becoming adventure in US
Nothing to say only lips to be offered
Legs to be climbed
Bellies to be cushioned
Reach high, hearts touch
Reach low, bodies explode
Deliciousness becomes We
Wildness becomes Us
Two. One. Three
He comes and I as well
Mystery unveiled
I now know your face and you, mine
Today is the first day
Thank God!
I now know your face and you, mine.
I sit to gaze….at your heart and you, mine
All tomorrows for the knowing
Of hearts, of dreams, of life shared
Gentle becoming of US
Let it be for US so

This is one of my original poems written for the passionate and the adventurous.

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