I’m Marlayna Fire . . . 

From the ups and downs of my life’s journey, I have learned that I am an integration of spiritual and sexual, celestial and intimate.

Marlayna Fire

I created Sacred Hot to explore this integration — this amazing dance that I have also found so many of us yearn to create as the foundation of our lives — especially to frame our physical experiences within sacred relationship.

Sacred Hot embraces this integration and explores the possible depths of our shared sacred sexuality.

Because I will not shy away, Sacred Hot emerges always from all of me: the good, the difficult, and the real.

Me, I like my margaritas skinny, my pillows firm, and my men like mountains.

I began life as a good girl, a smart girl, a girl who loved dresses.

I’m still good but in a different way – more a GGG kinda good.

Definitely wicked smart.

And, oh! Do I love my red dresses!

Oddly, I’ve come to this intersection by following my heart on a deeply spiritual journey.

Not one of blind dogma or superficial self-help.

Instead a journey of joy and discovery where I have found that I am more than I ever imagined possible as that good little girl.

Now, I am willing to plumb the depths of all that I can be and become.

I created Sacred Hot as a way to acknowledge what I learned about myself after divorce.

I found myself at the crossroads between spiritual being and sexual being.

I found that within me the two expressions are not separate.

Instead my sexual expression emerged from the depths of my spiritual being.

For me, authentic life is not casual but deeply serious on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

I’m not the only one with this awareness.

I come across all kinds of folks trying to find space for this integration to be part of the foundation of life instead of restraint, inhibition, or denial.

Weirdly, I left 25 years of marriage feeling quite virginal.

Then my journey as a single woman in her fifties revealed a goodness I had never had the pleasure to tap.

My writing began to reflect this discovery and stories and poems began to spill out.

For myself, I redefined good and embraced a new motion that is entirely me.

An integration of both spiritual and sexual, celestial and intimate.

Which is always, entirely

…. Sacred Hot.

Going a bit further, I will add:

Authentic, introspective life is not just one path for all people.

There are many paths which lead to the integration and truth of authentic being.

The integration of the entirety of being, of both the spiritual and the sexual, is a personal journey which takes each into their own personal sense of alignment and balance.

My intention is not to use words to temper meaning or obscure truth.

I’m not saying Sacred Hot is a particular version of kink.

In some people’s estimation, I am entirely vanilla.

In other people’s perspectives, I am too explicit to contemplate.

Sacred Hot does not create a standard to adhere to.

Instead, through the fiction and non-fiction writing I offer here, and in my books, I am simply exploring what I know and experience through the lens of integration and alignment. I ask myself:

What can I learn about myself in the exploration?

What can I learn about the human experience if I don’t arbitrarily see separation where none exists?

As I mentioned above, I am a good girl who has re-defined good for herself.

I have also re-defined myself as a non-fiction writer who is now exploring fiction – or more aptly is exploring a new path to relate story which feels through the truth and motivations of all spiritual/sexual beings.

I am finding that this exploration is yielding results similar to my intimate encounters: I am a writer of integration, of vision, of understanding – beyond limit, gender, and genre.

I write from who I am and from my experiences as a heterosexual, white woman who lived on the West Coast USA for thirty years and now centers her life in Oklahoma.

In my professional life, I am a Spiritual Guide, well-regarded for my innovative work with the Akashic Records.

In that arena, I am Cheryl Marlene.

Here at Sacred Hot, I use a pen name for my explicit, fictional stories.

I am Marlayna, still a fifty-something, divorced, single, male-partner-preferred woman who has a great imagination and a big heart.

What I offer here will come from all of me: the good, the difficult, the real.

Life is amazing, especially when you find your way past restraint into personal truth.

This explains why the manifesto which brings us here is simply stated:

Spiritual being is not separate from sexual being.

Mind and body dance with heart and soul.

In this dance, you are always

Merging the celestial with the intimate:

Sacred Hot.

In Joy!
Marlayna Fire
aka Cheryl