A Cold Fog on My Heart

When my desire to feel a man’s finger trace my spine,

to feel his lips on mine,

to bring him pleasure in return –

when this desire goes unfulfilled,

the act of self-pleasure hangs like

a cold fog on my heart. 

I know that I could find release in a shadowed place

with whatever randy man I can find. 

But this does nothing to lift the fog and

brings its own disappointment

in the deeper need going once again unmet. 

I tire of putting on a bright face to the lonely ache and

trying to dress up desire in the designer clothes of diversionary activity.

As I’ve said before, I don’t feel needy in the sense of completion.

I am complete. 

I am beautiful. 

I am worthy of deep, pungent, wild, loving desire.

No need for solace or reassurance. 

But I do know:  soon.

He will appear,

and he will be drawn to trace and nibble. 

On me, here, now.

This is one of my original poems written for the passionate and the adventurous.

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